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Relatively-Big-Update (ReBU)

On 02.17.12 at 00:21:47 by TJ09
Breaking the habit of 12-months between updates, we have a pretty sizable update five months ahead of schedule. Unfortunately, it contains no real gameplay changes, mostly interface changes.

RBU Bugfix Update 1

On 08.02.11 at 12:49:05 by TJ09
Okay, so I won't pretend that everything worked perfectly after the Really-Big-Update. Everything was mostly fine, but there were a few tweaks to be made:


On 07.27.11 at 15:39:24 by TJ09
So, as usual, It's been about a year since my last post. However, I haven't been idle that whole time (only 90% of it), and now I'd like to announce what is probably the biggest update in BNCT history, aptly-titled the Really-Big-Update.

Here's what's new:

Level Algorithm Updated

On 07.14.10 at 19:53:59 by TJ09
The level calculations have been updated to fix a few things:

Delete, RCnt, and Cnt chips are now valued higher
Slot-In chips don't count towards your level (They're useless right now anyways).
The level bonus for having chips that match your navi's element no longer applies to non-elemental navis since the AP bonus only applies to elemental chips.
Navi dodging ratings are now a factor in your level.
Level bonuses for Meteor chips are now properly calculated.

Thinking Inside the Box

On 06.23.10 at 20:56:50 by TJ09
A whole bunch of new chips have just been released. In particular, a bunch of guard chips such as CrsShld, FireRatn, and Slasher are now available.

There have also been some updates to the battle UI (like HP meters) and a lot of code cleanup in the internals of the battle system.

Finally, two fixes: meteor chips now properly choose a random number of hits instead of the max, and TreeBom3 is now AllAdd instead of Normal.

Folder updates

On 06.16.10 at 22:13:57 by TJ09
Following hot on the tails of the addition of pictures to the location select page, the folder UI has been updated. Moar AJAX, moar pictures, less blah.

Functional Redesigns

On 06.15.10 at 02:20:54 by TJ09
So, a while back the deck function was redesigned (but never formally announced), and a bit more recently the battle layout has been rehashed to make it less wall-of-text and more colorful and pictoral.

I also just redid the area selection screen to include pictures. Woo.

Two posts in one year = new record.

On 08.01.09 at 22:07:53 by T.J.
A whole batch of changes was just released to the wild. Among the improvements are:

Brand new interfaces for the shop, library, and deck editor.
A whole slew of new chips, including some with new attack types and several new navi chips.
More viruses
Many new computer navis to fight, and better weighted selection when choosing a computer Navi to fight.


On 07.08.09 at 14:08:09 by T.J.
First post of 2009. This is slightly more than pathetic. But that's okay, because, to make it up to you, I've got some nice updates.

Most people have probably noticed the first update by now: The layout has been rehashed. It's not too different, but it's a huge improvement over the old one. The menu bar has some more random navis to cycle through as well.

Second, there are a few new chips available. Whirlpl and BlckHole can be found from their respective viruses, Null and Void, in the undernet. I also implemented the Catcher chip, but RedUFO will not be available for fighting since the Catcher chip has no attack effect.

EDIT: Ooh, I almost forgot. The BrnzFist, SilvFist, and GoldFist chips were added as well, although they too are not available from any viruses.


On 10.21.08 at 22:52:15 by T.J.
Rather than running the site from my laptop that's basically only up when I'm up, I set up some replication. So the site you see is now located on a server that is up 24/7, (A.K.A. all the time, hopefully.), and is automatically synced with the copy on my laptop so that I can still work on things locally.

Maybe this site will get some use now that it's up more than 20% of the day.

There'll probably be a few HTML escaping issues, though.

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