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Relatively-Big-Update (ReBU)

On 02.17.12 at 00:21:47 by TJ09
Breaking the habit of 12-months between updates, we have a pretty sizable update five months ahead of schedule. Unfortunately, it contains no real gameplay changes, mostly interface changes.

RBU Bugfix Update 1

On 08.02.11 at 12:49:05 by TJ09
Okay, so I won't pretend that everything worked perfectly after the Really-Big-Update. Everything was mostly fine, but there were a few tweaks to be made:


On 07.27.11 at 15:39:24 by TJ09
So, as usual, It's been about a year since my last post. However, I haven't been idle that whole time (only 90% of it), and now I'd like to announce what is probably the biggest update in BNCT history, aptly-titled the Really-Big-Update.

Here's what's new:

Level Algorithm Updated

On 07.14.10 at 19:53:59 by TJ09
The level calculations have been updated to fix a few things:

Delete, RCnt, and Cnt chips are now valued higher
Slot-In chips don't count towards your level (They're useless right now anyways).
The level bonus for having chips that match your navi's element no longer applies to non-elemental navis since the AP bonus only applies to elemental chips.
Navi dodging ratings are now a factor in your level.
Level bonuses for Meteor chips are now properly calculated.

Thinking Inside the Box

On 06.23.10 at 20:56:50 by TJ09
A whole bunch of new chips have just been released. In particular, a bunch of guard chips such as CrsShld, FireRatn, and Slasher are now available.

There have also been some updates to the battle UI (like HP meters) and a lot of code cleanup in the internals of the battle system.

Finally, two fixes: meteor chips now properly choose a random number of hits instead of the max, and TreeBom3 is now AllAdd instead of Normal.

Folder updates

On 06.16.10 at 22:13:57 by TJ09
Following hot on the tails of the addition of pictures to the location select page, the folder UI has been updated. Moar AJAX, moar pictures, less blah.

Functional Redesigns

On 06.15.10 at 02:20:54 by TJ09
So, a while back the deck function was redesigned (but never formally announced), and a bit more recently the battle layout has been rehashed to make it less wall-of-text and more colorful and pictoral.

I also just redid the area selection screen to include pictures. Woo.

Two posts in one year = new record.

On 08.01.09 at 22:07:53 by T.J.
A whole batch of changes was just released to the wild. Among the improvements are:

Brand new interfaces for the shop, library, and deck editor.
A whole slew of new chips, including some with new attack types and several new navi chips.
More viruses
Many new computer navis to fight, and better weighted selection when choosing a computer Navi to fight.


On 07.08.09 at 14:08:09 by T.J.
First post of 2009. This is slightly more than pathetic. But that's okay, because, to make it up to you, I've got some nice updates.

Most people have probably noticed the first update by now: The layout has been rehashed. It's not too different, but it's a huge improvement over the old one. The menu bar has some more random navis to cycle through as well.

Second, there are a few new chips available. Whirlpl and BlckHole can be found from their respective viruses, Null and Void, in the undernet. I also implemented the Catcher chip, but RedUFO will not be available for fighting since the Catcher chip has no attack effect.

EDIT: Ooh, I almost forgot. The BrnzFist, SilvFist, and GoldFist chips were added as well, although they too are not available from any viruses.


On 10.21.08 at 22:52:15 by T.J.
Rather than running the site from my laptop that's basically only up when I'm up, I set up some replication. So the site you see is now located on a server that is up 24/7, (A.K.A. all the time, hopefully.), and is automatically synced with the copy on my laptop so that I can still work on things locally.

Maybe this site will get some use now that it's up more than 20% of the day.

There'll probably be a few HTML escaping issues, though.

Invisibility Cloak

On 08.09.08 at 15:00:11 by T.J.
Yeah, assuming I didn't screw anything up (What? T.J. make a coding error? IMPOSSIBLE!) Invis chips should now actually do something beyond going to your box and sitting there for the rest of the battle.

On that note, the box is cleared at the end of every turn now, which is the way it's supposed to be.

*Watches as users now abuse Invis chips in the worst ways possible*


On 08.04.08 at 17:48:01 by T.J.
Yes, that's right. A BLOG POST. onoz.

Not much to say, but I have made a slight change to the site. The HP of higher ranked viruses will no longer be as high. I mean, BeeTank3 had 1200 HP (300 Chip HP * 4 Stars), and even the second-highest leveled user had trouble killing it. Now it has 900, which is still high, but that's 300 less HP that you have to deal with.

Login and Registration Upgrades

On 09.02.07 at 20:47:08 by T.J.
The login page now has a password reset feature that will let you reset your password using either e-mail or AIM.

The registration page now works (I never updated it for the PHP5 version, so when I switched over, people couldn't register).

E-Mail and AIM verification now works (Same as above, forgot to update to PHP5 version)

Chip Info Popups

On 08.30.07 at 16:57:42 by T.J.
If you now look at the shop, hovering your mouse over one of the chips will show you information about that chip, which means no more buying blindly.

I've only tested it in Firefox, though, since I don't have IE.

I plan to add it to the Deck and Folder pages at a later date.

In other news, this is the 42nd dev blog post. Hurrah.

Friends and Help

On 08.28.07 at 21:56:43 by T.J.
First off, I've added the beginnings of a friend system. You can get your friend code on the account page, share it with others, and add other people's friend codes in order to establish a network of friends. Right now being friends doesn't do much, but soon there'll be some nice features such as zeny and chip transfer between friends.

Second, I've updated the help page. It now provides some information about what the deck, folder, and sack are for people unfamiliar with how things work.

PHP5 Update

On 07.09.07 at 14:53:59 by T.J.
As part of an initiative to convert all my sites to PHP5, I'll be working on updating BNCT to PHP5. Due to the nature of this update, the transition from mysql() to PDO() and good coding practices, I can't just slowly convert pages. Instead, I have to keep a separate copy of the code that I'll try to convert, and keep the "production" copy up and running.

What I'm getting to is, in order to see the PHP5 version if for some odd reason you're curious or you enjoy trying to use sites that don't fully function, see

Bug Hunt

On 05.03.07 at 16:48:54 by T.J.
Simple post to inform everyone about a little fix-everything promotion. Every user that finds and reports a bug to me will get 1,000 zeny. For beta testers it's 10,000 zeny.


On 04.03.07 at 19:06:14 by T.J.
Silence on the forums? I know there's been at least 5 people (not including myself) on in the past week, so why doesn't anyone bother with the forums?

[03:00:26] MMBNCT: Done. 5 row(s).

No Really, We Live

On 03.30.07 at 23:27:27 by T.J.
I've actually been doing a lot of work on BNCT today, for whatever reason. There's some more TWoMMBN integration (That I can't tell you more about because that'd give it away), more bug fixing, and a new dev feature called Dev.Docs, where you can read stuff about the internals of BNCT.

I know, surprising, random, and spontaneous comeback, eh?

We Live

On 12.31.06 at 15:42:42 by T.J.
First things first. I believe registration is fully working. As in, it'll send you an e-mail now. I hope.

Second, fun bug reported by JT. If you beat another player with zeny that's less than zero, it'll make their zeny zero and give you their debt. Not so fun for you, obviously, so I made it so if they are in debt, you don't win anything. Obviously that's not fun either, but it's more fun than losing zeny.

Bug Squashing

On 09.09.06 at 21:05:32 by T.J.
Risch just noticed that using the Regain Lost Turns feature, your zeny can go below 0 if you don't have enough. No longer will that happen.

And taking a look through the code, I realized that if your turns are 20 and you try it, you'll lose zeny but won't get your turns.

Such is the way of betas.

Big Day

On 09.09.06 at 20:53:11 by T.J.
I've accomplished a lot today:

User Vs. User
Donator's Center for those of you who have donated
Navi Levels
Lots of Bug fixes
BNCT AIM Bot Enhancements.

BNCT AIM is Back

On 09.08.06 at 19:25:42 by T.J.
I'm not quite sure where AIM got the idea of where I was born, but I finally figured it out. Everyone needs to re-give me their AIM address, though.

More AIM Bullshit

On 09.07.06 at 23:10:20 by T.J.
Well, let's see, the AIM bot:

Is not infringing on the rights of others.

"is unlawful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, deceptive, fraudulent, invasive of another's privacy, tortious, or contains explicit or graphic descriptions, or accounts of, sexual acts"

"victimizes, harasses, degrades, or intimidates an individual or group of individuals on the basis of religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, or disability;"

"impersonates any person, business or entity, including AOL and its employees and agents;"

"contains viruses or any other computer code, files or programs that interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment, or otherwise permit the unauthorized use of a computer or computer network;"
No viruses or malicious computer code.

"encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, or that gives rise to civil liability;"
I don't think blog announcements constitute a criminal offense.

"interferes with the use of the AOL Network by others."
No interference caused, the messages are optional.

"You may not use any of our Services or communication tools to transmit, directly or indirectly, any unsolicited bulk communications (including e-mails and instant messages)."
Like I said, you have to sign up saying you want to recieve messages, so it's not unsolicited.

So AOL has no basis for suspending both of my accounts other than their "We may cancel or suspend your registered user account or Screen Name at any time, without cause and/or without notice." clause

But if they did suspend it "without cause" then why did they tell me the cause was that I violated the terms of service?

Can you say, "hgifaghdkasdfasdf?"

On 09.06.06 at 17:37:24 by T.J.
Because that's what I want to try to say.

I think I know where I was born, Mr. Im-Cool-Because-Im-The-AIM-Password-Recovery-Tool.

But no, it decided that what I put in is not where I was born.

List of Viruses to Add

On 09.06.06 at 17:34:26 by T.J.
Full/Death Fire

* Chances of adding are low since this virus doesn't attack.

And that's not all. That's just the viruses I didn't implement into Den/Koto/Netopia/Undernet/WWW area. There's still the Detonator/Castle/Main/Apartment/WhateverImissed Comps.

Library Overhaul

On 09.04.06 at 21:53:26 by T.J.
In my slow overhauling of all code from its original version, I have redone the Library. Ta-da? You probably shouldn't notice to much of a difference if you use firefox, other than the fact that it should load much faster and be much less server-intensive. However, in IE, it now looks semi-readable. Same with Opera.

Next up: Deck, most likely with Folder soon to follow.

Well AIM Sucks.

On 09.04.06 at 14:08:56 by T.J.
They suspended the BNCT screen name by scrambling the password and won't let me recover it like the e-mail they send told me to. Way to go.

In the meantime I'll be using NightManEXE as the bot.

Registration Fixes

On 09.02.06 at 22:59:48 by T.J.
I've done a lot of fixing up of the registration. It definately was really buggy before, but no one really cares, I bet.

What you do care about is the battle delay. Don't worry, you can still refresh over and over, you just won't see the outcome. Well, at least you can refresh over and over for now, that'll probably change. The whole point is to get people to read what actually happens during the battle.

Open Beta

On 09.01.06 at 23:00:29 by T.J.
I just put up the registration page, meaning anyone who wants to can sign up. At the moment, automatic e-mail validation doesn't work, so if you sign up, manually send an e-mail to bnct[at] with your account name and you'll be able to battle.

Those of you who know what TWoMMBN is...

On 08.24.06 at 15:06:05 by T.J.
it's now semi-integraded. Your login for BNCT is required to get onto TWoMMBN, plus there's some NPCs on there that are related to BNCT.

Enjoy, as the lottery now has a point.

...And Done.

On 08.22.06 at 22:58:24 by T.J.
So now you need to win 20 battles in an area before you can move onto the next area.

Prevents n00bs from going into advanced areas, once I make them.


On 08.22.06 at 22:23:13 by T.J.
Yes, I did it a day ago, but I figured I'd post about it since I didn't have much else to post about.

Because I mean, an entire forum isn't "much else." It should auto-log you in when you login to BNCT, and if you have "remember me" set so that you aren't logged in, then logout then back in and ta-da.

Time to implement cr-A better method of allowing area access rather than just having ever battle area available from the beginning.

And I'm not sure if people actually care whether I make a visual battle or not. I know that should I make one, there will be an option to still use text-only. I'm going to add a delay to the text battle, so watch out rapid refreshers.

I is Back

On 08.18.06 at 22:23:42 by T.J.
Sorry for being a bit...nonexistant in the past week or so. I've definately been busy, off winning Camp Hyrule (CABIN 9 PWNZ U) =D

I should be working on more stuff eventually.

Menu Upgrade

On 08.15.06 at 23:36:37 by T.J.
The menu looks better now, thanks to some graphics. =D

I'm not sure what to call the section currently labeled "chips." I mean, they're all tied together, but I can't think of the right word to describe them.

Help, anyone?

The Streak of Bugs Continues

On 08.14.06 at 22:17:14 by T.J.
With yet another obvious-yet-took-forever-to-find bug. I mean, it's been there for at least a week or 2, and no one noticed it until now.

Description: Swords (or any chip with "Random" effect) end turn automatically.
Technical Description: Rogue break command caused it to skip the rest of the turn.
In English: I screwed up and forgot to take something out.

Big Bug

On 08.13.06 at 18:25:52 by T.J.
...And I squashed it. So yeah, apparantly I never set computer's navis max HP, so if a computer navi tried to heal over its max, its HP automatically went to 0 and you won. This was really noticable vs. Anna, whose first chip is always Recov50, meaning you got an instant S buster rating.

And thus this bug shall forever be known as the "Anna Bug"

Oh Hey Look

On 08.12.06 at 12:32:03 by T.J.
I definately forgot to mention, but there's a help section now.

Whenever I get around to creating more writeups, I will, but I'm more focused on working on the game itself.

We have AIM

On 08.12.06 at 12:31:17 by T.J.
I created an AIM screenname for BNCT, named MMBNCT. But don't IM it, it's a bot used to IMing announcements to people. Like an announcement about this Dev.Blog post, or that their turns are 20. Just fill out your screen name in Account->Change Profile.

Lotto chances

On 08.11.06 at 20:33:51 by T.J.
Total Possible Codes: 99,999,999
Possible Winning Codes: 1,152
Chances of Winning: 0.00001152...
Chances of Winning (In English =P): 1 in 100,000.

Better chances than real lottos, I guess =P
And those chances will go up as I add in more chips.

Also, I started to make the user vs. user battling, but I stopped because I'm not sure how I want to do it. So, using whatever your preferred mode of contact with me is, give me suggestions as to what you want user to user battling to include. Whether you just want to be able to see who'd win, or if you think you should be able to wager chips, tell me what you want.

Back to the Beginning

On 08.11.06 at 11:58:56 by T.J.
Sorry, I had to do it. I reset all of the beta tester's accounts. I have to make sure the game isn't too hard for people just signing up, and that it doesn't get too easy for people who get more experience.


On 08.11.06 at 11:22:33 by T.J.
So I can someday buy a domain. =D

You know you want to.

It's down on the menu at the bottom


On 08.10.06 at 20:10:32 by T.J.

So, yeah. You will not believe how damn hard it was to implement the stun effect. I mean, ugh.

But hey, it's there, you better use it.

Sell sell sell!

On 08.09.06 at 13:08:43 by T.J.
I know people have complained that it's hard to make money, especially when they keep getting S busting levels on viruses. So, now I'm making it easier. First of all, you can sell chips for money. The amount you can sell it for will change day to day, though.

Also, I'm going to make it so viruses give more zeny.

And thus, it'll become easier to afford those expodentially more expensive MB and HP upgrades.

I r teh winnar?

On 08.08.06 at 14:52:16 by T.J.
First of all, you can fight navi's again. I only disabled it in the first place because having only one computer navi to fight is a bit bad/cheap/boring. Now there's five or so and I plan on adding more.

On a similar note of battling, you can now view your recent logs in the account section.

Optimizations 1, Messy Code 0

On 08.07.06 at 16:10:06 by T.J.
I just optimized the library so it runs 50-70% faster and uses 25% of the amount queries it used to. What does this mean? Lower load times and less server resources used, so that it won't kill the server it's on if/when BNCT gets popular.

Hacker-Proof, says the Admin

On 08.06.06 at 18:16:42 by T.J.
Yes, I just went through and looked at my queries+code to make sure they were secure against SQL-injection and other hacks. And so I noticed, PHP Notice-level errors do a good job at preventing register_globals exploits.

Shop Upgrade

On 08.04.06 at 22:01:16 by T.J.
So. Have fun buying HP and MB upgrades. Just remember they get steadily more expensive.

Other than that, I fixed a few other bugs, etc, you know. I should probably go over my code and make sure there's no vulnerabilities in it, but yeah. No one's hacked it yet. =P That's only because no one knows it exists yet, but oh well.

Home Sweet Home P2

On 07.31.06 at 23:03:50 by T.J.
K, I didn't get to do account yet. Oh well. I changed all instances of "alpha" to "beta." This site never really was alpha after the first 2 days, since it's been a working game and I make sure new features work before I release them.

There's been relatively few bugs so far, but all of the reported ones have been fixed. Remember, if you have a bug, e-mail/IM me. Most beta testers can contact me on AIM, but if you need it my e-mail is bnct[at]

Home Sweet Home

On 07.31.06 at 22:35:34 by T.J.
Yes, I am home. Unfortunately this means a lack of port 80, so there's a new URL. But if you're reading this post then you're on the new site so it's all good.

Login can now remember people! That in itself is nice since we all hate logging in again and again.

I also did some random securing of the site after seeing how damn unsecure Aardvark Topsites is.

Expect a user control center sometime soon. Soon may be tomorrow, depending on if I get to it in the next 30 minutes.

On the Road Again

On 07.29.06 at 22:55:20 by T.J.
I'm writing this from a dark hotel in Daytona Beach. Dark because everyone else is sleeping.

Anyways, new battle system is public, and I bet you can't tell the difference. I'm looking into the flash frontend, and it's looking pretty possible.

I fixed the shop a bit so it tells you that you bought a chip. I also made it so that there'll be no duplicate chips in the shop. Because we all hate duplicates.

Maybe I'll add more chips later, but for now, time for me to catch some Y's. Or was it Q's? Nah, definately P's Z's.

Quiet, too Quiet.

On 07.28.06 at 14:28:48 by T.J.
I guess the initial rush of users has died down. I know there's 6 beta testers and a demo account, but none of the testers go on anymore. Maybe once I add new chips.

Also, if any beta testers are reading this, prepare for a character reset soon. I need to test how easy/hard the game is from a newbie standpoint.

Halfway There

On 07.27.06 at 11:12:15 by T.J.
Yes, the redo is 50% done.

On another note, all activity is apparantly dying off.

On a third note, I created a "closed" system so that I can prevent people from accessing the site if need be.

On a fourth and completely unimportant-to-you note, I made it easier for me to post in the

It has Begun

On 07.25.06 at 12:41:31 by T.J.
That's right, I started the battle system redo. it's kind of annoying, but so far it's working out fine. I have everything planned out, so I hope it goes smoothly. It's not in a state where I can show it to you yet, but once it is I'll put up a link to a test battle.

Somebody Set Up Us The Blog

On 07.24.06 at 22:46:09 by T.J.
Then again, considering I'm the only one doing the development, I guess it's pretty obvious who that "somebody" is...

Right. So I decided, instead of working on stuff, I'm going to waste my time creating a development blog. It's not like it'll take too much time, but it'll waste time so I can put off the dreaded battle system rewrite I know I have coming. The current battle system may look fine to you users, but the source code to it is a mess, and in it's current state it won't work for what else I plan to do: Implement a flash frontend so your battles look nice and pretty. And so, I get to rewrite the battle system. You shouldn't notice any difference at first, but I will =D.

Other things I've done to delay the inevitable: Implement so more chips, like Fire/Aqua/ElecBlde VarSwrd, and CustSwrd. The only way to get them is through the lottery (Like that's going to happen, there's only around 1000 winning codes and 98,999,999 possibilities [I think], so the chances of winning with any one code are 0.001%, or 1/100000) or through the chip shop (Wait a day or two and I bet at least one of them will end up in there.) Which reminds me, I need to make an upgrades shop for buying MB and HP upgrades.

I guess it's time to stop writing this post now and to actually code the dev blog so I can get on with the battle system redo...

And in case any testers/people using the demo user are wondering, I disabled battling computer navis until I put in more computer navis than just Koetsu.