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Somebody Set Up Us The Blog

On 07.24.06 at 22:46:09 by T.J.
Then again, considering I'm the only one doing the development, I guess it's pretty obvious who that "somebody" is...

Right. So I decided, instead of working on stuff, I'm going to waste my time creating a development blog. It's not like it'll take too much time, but it'll waste time so I can put off the dreaded battle system rewrite I know I have coming. The current battle system may look fine to you users, but the source code to it is a mess, and in it's current state it won't work for what else I plan to do: Implement a flash frontend so your battles look nice and pretty. And so, I get to rewrite the battle system. You shouldn't notice any difference at first, but I will =D.

Other things I've done to delay the inevitable: Implement so more chips, like Fire/Aqua/ElecBlde VarSwrd, and CustSwrd. The only way to get them is through the lottery (Like that's going to happen, there's only around 1000 winning codes and 98,999,999 possibilities [I think], so the chances of winning with any one code are 0.001%, or 1/100000) or through the chip shop (Wait a day or two and I bet at least one of them will end up in there.) Which reminds me, I need to make an upgrades shop for buying MB and HP upgrades.

I guess it's time to stop writing this post now and to actually code the dev blog so I can get on with the battle system redo...

And in case any testers/people using the demo user are wondering, I disabled battling computer navis until I put in more computer navis than just Koetsu.

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