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On 07.08.09 at 14:08:09 by T.J.
First post of 2009. This is slightly more than pathetic. But that's okay, because, to make it up to you, I've got some nice updates.

Most people have probably noticed the first update by now: The layout has been rehashed. It's not too different, but it's a huge improvement over the old one. The menu bar has some more random navis to cycle through as well.

Second, there are a few new chips available. Whirlpl and BlckHole can be found from their respective viruses, Null and Void, in the undernet. I also implemented the Catcher chip, but RedUFO will not be available for fighting since the Catcher chip has no attack effect.

EDIT: Ooh, I almost forgot. The BrnzFist, SilvFist, and GoldFist chips were added as well, although they too are not available from any viruses.

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