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Chip Pricing

Filed under Algorithms by TJ09

The chip pricing algorithm is used to calculate the base price of chips (before discounts or overpricing) in the chip shop. It is also used to calculate zeny received in battling by calculating a percentage of the price of the losing navi (or virus) chip.

Price = (Rating*1000) + (HP*10)+ (AP*20)+(MB*10)+(Accuracy*10)+(500 if Elemental)+(Dodging*10 if navi, Dodging if virus)+(10000 if Navi)+(5000 if Custom Chip (Non Navi))+Effect Value

Effect Values are as follows:
Add: AP*10
AllAdd: AP*30
Random: AP*10
Pierce: AP*5
Break: AP*5
Recov: AP*10