How does the battle system work?

The battle system in MegaMan Battle Network CyberTournament is similar to the battle system in the GameBoy Advance game MegaMan BattleChip Challenge. It is fully automated, and the only input required from you is at the beginning.

What are "Turns?"

Turns are BNCT's way of preventing users from battling over and over and over infinitely. Each battle uses up turns, depending on what you battle against. Battling viruses costs one turn, computer navis...

Why are some areas locked?

When you first start out, you won't be able to battle viruses in all areas. This is for your own safety; there are some pretty scary and dangerous viruses in the later areas that could easily defeat a new navi. To move on to the next area, you need to show that you can handle these stronger viruses by winning 20 battles in the previous area. Additionally, some areas require that you defeat a boss navi before you can unlock the next area.

What is "Busting Level?"

Busting level is a measure of how well you did in a battle. The higher your busting level, the better the rewards for winning a battle. A high busting level is required to get chips from viruses. Your busting level is calculated based on how many times you were hit, how many chips you used, and how often your attacks missed. Certain battle chips can even raise your busting level just by being in your deck.

What is the Box and how do chips get added to it?

The "chip box" is used by guard chips. When you use a guard chip (Which typically has an effect of "Cnt," "Guard," or "Invis"), the chip will be placed in your chip box until the end of the turn. If your opponent attacks you while a chip is in your box, the box chip will take the damage instead. If the attack is stronger than the box's HP, the chip in your box will be deleted and your navi will receive the remainder of the damage.

What are the different field types?

When battling, you may battle on a number of different stages. Each field type has a unique effect on the battle, so it is best to be aware of the different fields.