How do I put chips in my Deck/Folder?

You can put chips in your deck by clicking on the Deck link on the menu, then drag on the chip you wish to move into your deck (or folder) and to the spot you wish to move the chip to. You can move chips from your deck to your folder, folder to deck, deck to deck (rearrange your deck), or folder to folder (rearrange your folder).

What does "Deck is over MB Limit!" mean?

Each chip has a property called MB, which is how much "space" it takes up. Your deck has an MB limit. When you add the MB of all the chips in your deck together, it must be below this MB limit. If it is not, you will recieve an error and will not be able to make the change you are trying to make. Your folder and sack have no MB limit and are good places to store chips you aren't using.